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Funerals & Anointing of the Sick


La Purisima offers our condolences and prayers for you and your loved ones during this difficult moment.

We provide funeral services including Mass at the church, and graveside services.

Our staff is available to assist you with planning the funeral liturgy: please contact parish office at or 714-633-5800


Through the ministry of the priests, the Church’s sacrament of anointing of the sick brings the healing goodness of Christ himself. By faith we believe this sacrament heals us from sin – and sometimes even from physical ailment. God wills our good and our healing. Even if we do not feel a change, it is important to know that the primary role of this sacrament is spiritual healing. With healing , we also receive the peace and strength of the Holy Spirit. It is a reminder that God is with and among us; He restores our sin and suffering into hope.

The sacrament of Anointing of the Sick can be requested for the following:

  • An ill loved one (he/she does not have to be on the verge of death)
  • Someone that has a terminal illness like cancer
  • Someone going into a surgery


Out of respect for our local parishes and the jurisdiction each parish has authority over, our parish priests minister the sacrament to those within our parish boundaries. Please CLICK HERE, to see if the person that is in need of the anointing of the sick is within our boundaries. If he/she is not, then we ask that you reach out to the local church in his/her area. If no priest is available, we will then ask our parish priests.

If the person that is in need of the anointing of the sick is in a hospital, please check in with the hospital’s chaplain and ask if they have a Catholic priest on site for anointing.

If you reside outside the Diocese of Orange our priests are not able to minister, please contact your local Catholic Church in your Diocese.


Please call 714-633-5800 and dial *7 OR send us a note HERE


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