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Loving caring hands and hearts of La Purísima

“Our mission is to bring relief to those who are suffering and peace to those who are fearful.  By receiving a blanket, our recipients know they are not alone.  The members of our ministry care about them and pray for their healing while constructing each prayer blanket. This symbol of love and sacrifice laid before the Lord truly becomes a prayer whose pieces sewn together represent everyone’s supplication for healing on behalf of the recipients.”

Prayer Blankets are lap-sized, hand-sewn blankets given to people that are facing difficult struggles in their life.  The volunteers of our Prayer Blanket Ministry commit to prayer as they fulfill their part in the construction of the blanket. Their dedication in the process involves constant prayer while shopping for material, washing, coordinating fabric, cutting, sewing, ironing and tagging.  We are blessed to have so many people who give abundantly of their time, talent, and treasure, making Prayer Blankets possible.

We trust that God will use our ministry to touch the lives of those receiving our Prayer Blanket which is a wonderful reminder that our community is surrounding them with constant healing prayers. Each month, the completed blankets will be prayed over and dedicated to the healing ministry through prayer on the First Sunday of the month.  It is during Mass that we, the members of La Purísima Parish, as one body in Christ, will have the opportunity to implore to God that the Prayer Blankets will be a sign of relief, healing, peace, joy, and of a spiritual support to those receiving it for they are not alone in their struggle.

Also, you can help us by volunteering, cleaning out your closets and donating your unused fabrics, donating new fabric, or making a monetary donation. 

For information in how to volunteer please contact Brooke Teran via e-mail at or call her at 714-997-3697.

If you or you know someone that may use a Prayer Blanket, please contact the parish office.


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