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Young Adult Ministry

Young Adults

Bringing our English, Spanish and Vietnamese Young Adults together.


La Purisima is happy to offer a multi-faceted ministry for Young Adults and Young Married Couples.

La Purisima is happy to offer young adults a multi-faceted ministry for Young Adults through a collaboration with the other parishes in Orange: St. Norbert and Holy Family.
Every week, AWAKEN offers different kinds of events to engage young adults in their faith, whether it be through adoration, praying the rosary, playing sports, having game nights, or listening to thought-provoking speakers. All young adults are welcome.

Weekly Events

Formation Nights are held every Thursday at St. Norbert’s at 8pm in the Youth Room. Every week we cover different topics, including watching videos or having guest speakers. Stay tuned weekly on our instagram account for details of the night.

Sports Nights are regularly held Fridays at La Purisima on the field at 7pm. Depending on the weather, we sometimes have Game Nights or Movie Nights. It’s best to stay updated on our Facebook or Instagram account to know the details.



  • What is the age range for Young Adult Ministry?

    All young adults ages 18-39 (and not currently in high school) are welcome. Many of our young adults are college-age students, working young professionals, or young married couples.

  • Is there a fee to join or participate?

    No, there is not! All of our weekly events are always free and open for all young adults. However, sometimes we host special events or fundraisers where we may ask for a small donation, if you would like to participate.

  • I have a very busy schedule. What if I can only make it to some meetings?

    That’s not a problem! We understand that as young adults we often find ourselves juggling a lot with school, work, or personal commitments. The reason we schedule weekly events on different days is to try to offer different opportunities for fellowship. Come to what you can, when you can!

  • I have some ideas for young adult ministry events. How can I share my ideas, or are there opportunities for leadership?

    Awaken is a collaborative ministry comprised of the young adults from the different parishes and we always welcome new ideas. There are representatives from each parish, but we are all leaders. Everyone who attends an event is invited to share any ideas to better serve the community

    This is a requirement for all parents to assist their children who are going to receive this Sacrament.

  • Can I bring a friend even though they are from a different parish?

    Of course! All young adults are welcome.

  • What is the best way to contact Awaken if I have a question?

    You can stay updated with all of our events on Instagram and Facebook and message us directly through the apps. You can also email us at